"Promoters have warned, an evening with Tommy Johnson can create a life-long fan."

Tommy is self-taught, and started playing piano at the age of four. He made his debut at the age of seven on the Horace Heidt Show, where he performed Tchaikovsky's piano concerto. At age nine, Tommy was pictured in Life magazine.

Tommy has performed on many cruise ships from Alaska to Hawaii, and the Caribbean. He has appeared as a concert artist for Kimball, Yamaha, Technics, Hammond and Roland. He has had the pleasure of working with many stars throughout his career. In 1980, Liberace hosted a World Keyboard Entertainer Search. Tommy made it to the top four performers in the world and performed on stage at the Las Vegas Hilton.

The Tommy Johnson TV show ran in Florida for four years until some heart problems arose, causing him to be unable to continue the show. In an effort to give a little back, Tommy supports the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association among other local charities.

My recent sold out tour in England and Wales was just THE BEST.

I had the honor to perform with the Jive Aces in Blackpool England.

A message from Tommy: My intention is to take people of all ages on a magical musical tour where they can forget their everyday troubles and woes and find happiness for an hour or two either in concert or with my CD's. I am eternally grateful for the gift given to me and I want to share it with you.

I have a wide variety of music on CD's: everything from easy listening to boogie and jazz. I prefer big band jazz and boogie.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me.

--Tommy Johnson

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Phone number: 727-480-6814

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